Pushbroom Tycoons


Since their humble debut six years ago at the Mount Tabour Theatre in Milford, Prince Edward County's Pushbroom Tycoons have developed a loyal following in The County. Members include Jim Hardy (bass and vocals), Russell Walker (lead guitar and vocals), Eric Mathews (percussion and vocals), Eric Zylstra (harmonica and vocals) and David Hatch (vocals and rhythm guitar). All are well seasoned pros who’s pedigree includes stints with David Wilcox, New Regime and many other GTA bands. Their sound is a flavourful blend of classic rock and folk, informed by Americana touchstones like Tom Petty, CCR and ZZTop, as well as musical legends Talking Heads and The Beatles. This summer you often see “the brooms" at Sarah Harrison's famous Cressy Mustard Pub in Waupoos as well as other local venues.

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